The Studio App

I am very excited to announce the addition of a studio reference app to the App Stores for both Android & Apple. If you are interested in using it on an iPad, there is an option in the iPad app store on your device to search for iPhone apps only (by default, it chooses “iPad apps only”).

Additional comments can be found at this Facebook Studio post. I would love for you to try it out when you have the time. Reviews in those stores are greatly appreciated and very important. Please let me know if you encounter any problems along the way. Thank you!


Interesting Videos (music related)

Voices in a Train Station =

Acapella Harmony Voice “Be Thou My Vision” by one singer (very neat concept, apparently done by many singers – do you have any favorites in this style of recording?) =

32 Discordant Metronomes and an explanation on WHY they achieve Synchrony in a matter of minutes.  It’s a little odd to watch, but fascinating.  Just make sure to blink.  ;){%2210153226568265094%22%3A%22og.likes%22}&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_source=other_multiline&action_object_map={%2210153226568265094%22%3A159320750875948}&action_ref_map&fb_action_ids=10153226568265094

If you have come across any interesting “music-related” videos recently, please let me know.  :)  I’d love to include them here (or you can post links in the comments section).


Sheet Music – great gift idea for the musicians in your family!

Sheet Music Plus Homepage


Every student needs music to play.  One of my favorite websites for ordering books & sheet music is sheetmusicplus.  :)  Now is a great time to consider Christmas & birthday gifts… musicians LOVE new music.  :)  Let me know if you have any questions, or need a specific kind of music you’re unable to find – I’m happy to help with your search.

If you prefer a direct link, you can find the website here…


The “Small Town Music Lessons” Website Has Been Updated :)


The design and colors are the same… that will NEVER change, but the navigation has been adjusted.

Please come take a look, and let me know what you think.  By default, visiting the website will bring you to the main welcome page.
Many of the pages under the top 3 headers above open up to other pages… I have always enjoyed using “subfolders” (organization is key).

Sincerely and thank you!

JoyTunes and MTNA Part Two

Wonderful article! Talks about new technology, the MTNA conference in Chicago, and amazing innovations in her music studio. :)


If you haven’t noticed, my loyalties are divided between technology and creativity. As much as I desire to teach and promote creativity, IJoytunes-logo---no-background am equally passionate about THE tech device of the century–the iPad. So the second half of my MTNA 2014 report will cover my activities associated with all things iPad.

First, I can honestly say that lugging my laptop along to Chicago was absolutely pointless. Both of my presentations were created with Keynote on my iPad Air. The app works like a charm and in my opinion created first-rate presentation slides. With the hotel Wi-Fi incredibly pricey, the only time I accessed email was via my phone or late at night with my iPad in the lobby where there was free Wi-Fi. Note to self: leave the laptop behind next time.

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Organizing and Updating the Piano Lab

This is inspirational! I’m always dreaming of ways to be more organized and uniform. Your piano room is beautiful, Jennifer!


I teach on my Yamaha Disclavier in my living room. Adjacent to it is my piano lab room. This is the room that I get to have FUN with! So this weekend I wanted to organize and update the look of the room. I was running out of room for all my piano games and manipulatives so I got rid of my cubbies that I didn’t use at all last year and replaced them with two 9-drawer units from IKEA. (Amazon has these too, but they were asking twice the amount! So I opted to get them straight from IKEA)

When I opened the package I was a little worried because nothing was labeled. I had two of these to put together so I knew it was going to be an all day project. My husband owns a videography business on the side and June is his busy…

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The Piano Guys – studio contest :)

ThePianoGuysOver the summer, I’ve been giving several students a special assignment… to watch videos created by “The Piano Guys” and making a list of all the amazing places they perform for those videos – and a few other details they’ll only know by watching them.

Imagine playing piano & cello in a jungle, on the bed of a train, on a clifftop, on the Great Wall of China, on the sands of a beach, in a field of wild grass, in an ice cave, on an ice rink in New York City with ice skaters skating all around, and many more.

During the school year 2015-2016, I’ll have a contest of sorts, to see who can find & analyze as many as possible… more info to follow, but here you’ll find their videos, where I suggest you start watching – and enjoy!  I absolutely love their videos and am beyond excited each time they release a new one :)

A chart in the studio will showcase the number of songs students complete using the chart below – 1 sticker per song + 1 sticker for doing the bonus composition & sending it to me.  10 stickers will add 100 points to your Piano Points (previously called “Monopoly Money”) Tally – 500 points = $5 gift card (Target/TCBY/Amazon).  The forms must be completed thoroughly – incomplete charts will be sent home for finishing.  The work must be the student’s own – parents can assist with writing (dictation) & navigating youtube safely.  Each chart has room for two songs – but if you only complete one that week, that is fine – feel free to submit it :)  Have fun!

Link to Videos =

Link to Studio Document (pdf version) = ThePianoGuys Chart


To help the two studio websites run smoother, I simplified everything & archived approximately 300 blog posts. If you remember seeing a post that now is missing or you hope to find, let me know and I’ll “unarchive” it.  For tips on practicing and managing a studio, let me know, and I’ll send you specific links.  Thanks for visiting and enjoy!



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