Hi Ho Cherry-O Music Game

Hi Ho Cherry-O (music game) - Small Town Music Lessons

I have rewritten this article at the following location (please visit my new website’s articles page – I’ll be moving more articles soon)…

Hi Ho Cherry-O Music Game

5 thoughts on “Hi Ho Cherry-O Music Game

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  3. Thank you for sharing links to this page with other teachers! :) This is really one of my favorite games to play with new and young students – I revisited it this week with a young student who needed a change of pace in her lesson. She went from saying, “I don’t want to do piano anymore” to “I don’t ever want to stop doing piano”! ;) We may have more of those days ahead of us, but this game made things fun again for her :) And she went home with another note block to use with other games – she chose orange, something bright & cheery.



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