31 Days to Better Practicing – AMAZING link & resource!


2 thoughts on “31 Days to Better Practicing – AMAZING link & resource!

  1. Sometimes, for me, getting students the music they want entails me transcribing a particular pop song for them, that involves a lot of decisions for me about trying to be true to the original melody so the students can play along with the track (key, rhythm, register, etc) or transpose the piece to an easier key and with a simplified rhythm which will enable them to play it more easily. Sometimes giving them a very difficult transcription which is clearly beyond their current abilities is an excellent motivator, and sometimes it isnt, every student is a unique individual who responds to a wide range of positive or negative reinforcements- some will rise to the challenge and work their butts off to be able to conquer the piece and some will curl up in a little tearful ball and quit. One parent came up with an excellent motivator for her daughter (who was a very commercially minded girl), she paid her $5 for every day that she practiced on her own for 30 minutes or more- but at the end of the week the child had to pay for her lesson herself. Pretty quickly the student realized that if she practiced 7 days a week she would be turning a $10 profit weekly, and promptly doubled her efforts at home. Everyone is different, and part of our job as teachers is learning what makes each pupil tick, and helping them develop good discipline which will reward them with a wealth of achievements, both in music and life. This is the way we do it at my studio, http://www.nassaubaymusiclessons.com anyway…


    • Thanks for the comment, and the link, Edward! It’s always interesting & fascinating hearing from other teachers – and how they do their teaching job. Improvisation & accompanying are two invaluable skills every student should have the opportunity & guidance to develop.

      Along the lines of your student whose daughter is motivated by receiving an award vs. paying for her lesson on her own reminds me of the incentives some of my studio families create. One young, wonderfully sweet student doesn’t enjoy doing her music theory book at first, and thrives on the reward of an M&M for each note she names. It is enough to get her started, and she is then reminded how much she really does know & how much fun it is to complete. I love when families get involved in getting the job done & keeping music fun & engaging at home – they really do know their kids the best.



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