Practice. It’s a minefield.

Is music practice negotiable? The teacher can’t enforce any activities or practice times once the student’s lesson is over for the week… that’s your job, totally awesome parents. :) Practice should be consistent, daily, and non-negotiable. See the link for great ideas from another teacher. :)

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So. A parent calls you about one of your students. They are struggling to get said-student to practice. Should they continue? Should they stop lessons all together? What is the magic solution?

Here are a few of my tips for answering this often asked question:

  • Is brushing your teeth negotiable? neither is piano practice. Children don’t enjoy brushing their teeth, doing their homework etc. Yet these are all things that need to be done. Just do it. Make it a part of your routine.
  • Practice in the morning. It gets it out of the way for the day. I know morning routines for kids going to school are often a hectic time for parents. Both my children do their music piano practice in the morning. It is the only way it gets done.
  • Create a chart for your fridge. Write “Anna’s Awesome Piano Practice Chart” at the top and draw…

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