Piano Explorer Magazine

Dear Wonderful Students,

pp-1-cover-May-2013I’m posting here on the blog, so students signing up in the future will have a chance to opt in for this amazing, informative, resourceful piano magazine for kids!  :)  If you would like to see past issues, I subscribed for a while a few years ago.

If I order group rate, I can purchase each subscription for $6/year (5 subscribing students for $30 total).  Otherwise, the subscription costs $12/student.


For more information & supplemental resources  & guides as you explore the magazines at home… http://www.instrumentalistmagazine.com/index_old.htm

The resources for the current issue can be found at… http://www.instrumentalistmagazine.com/Current%20Issue.php

Contact me… kristin@smalltownmusiclessons.com (or) 503-780-5986, to request I place a subscription order.  If my students paid a flat rate already for the subscription and I manage to have enough to place a group discount order, I’ll credit the difference.  :)

As it says on their website…

• Composer biographies
• Music history
• Instruments
• Theory, practice tips, composing ideas
• Beginner’s Corner
• Music Corner (featuring student compositions)

category28Colorful pictures, timelines, and maps capture students’ attention. At the end of each magazine is a quiz to test students’ comprehension of the material. Games, puzzles, riddles, and student contributions round out the magazine and keep things fun.

Additional Features: Check out their website for additional material. The website resources include links to music mentioned in the issue, additional quizzes, and other interesting information – and the teacher’s guide offers ideas for using the magazine each month.

I am going to place the Piano Explorer Subscription Order, the first week of July to ensure we get started first thing in September (probably before).  :)



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