Oldest Living Piano Player, Oldest Living Holocaust Survivor = Alice Herz-Sommer

Alice Herz-Sommer is the oldest living pianist & the oldest living holocaust survivor.  Everyone should learn about her story and life.  When I am 109, I would love to be as joyful, content, and outgoing as this wonderful lady – practicing my piano every day with health and skill.  Her music gave her purpose and a job in the concentration camps of World War 2 in Germany, a job that would save her from the gas chambers of Auschwitz.

The stories similar to hers are numerous, and though one could look at how music was a means for surviving that awful time, anyone can also grow to understand how music has been a wonderful blessing aid in the healing that has been extremely vital for many more lives than we could possibly comprehend.

I love the stories of those who found strength and courage and comfort necessary to sustain them through cruelty.  And, I love the stories of those who found that their joy in music reintroduced life and happiness after terrible tragedy.  Stories like these are blessings to us – we who live comfortably in safety, who fail to comprehend complete loss and grief.  These stories are reminders to live like this beautiful woman and many others who seek to use the music God has inspired on this earth, to bless others and bring solace to the soul.


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