New & Fun Music Games to Purchase

(click the title right above – it’s a link to the site)…

These games are a little pricier, and are not in the budget at the moment, but they look like a blast (and great idea for the future!).  :)  What do you think?  I’d need to look and read a little more, to pick my favorites – or figure out if they’ll work with the kind of music studio this is, but I certainly wanted to save the link by posting it here.  Enjoy!  And if you find or notice any music related card, board, or other game you’d be interested in playing or having available in lessons, please let me know.  Here is a great place to post those!  :)

2 thoughts on “New & Fun Music Games to Purchase

    • Thanks, Jennifer! :) I think you might have actually brought it to my attention at some point – but it was a teacher group online that helped make that seed of curiosity grow. ;) Ha! I’m excited to look into those games more. Sometimes, we just need a change from the routine – and having music games available are great motivators – and wonderful ways to approach a concept from a different angle (and the students often have NO idea they’re usually playing with a very fancy version of a flashcard). ;) I know I would love it as a student!

      I hope I get to meet you again someday at a national teacher’s conference. The Anaheim conference was definitely a treat, running into you in the workshop.



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