Helping Patients Through Music

Would love to do this some day – provide the music relief for those facing troubling and scary hospital visits. I know several students who would do great with it too! Should we look into this?

Reed Pros

Helping Patients Through Music  — video available with this link.

Beverly Casson settled back in a chair and closed her eyes. A young musician named Andrew Friedrichs, playing piano maybe 15 feet away, drifted into a gentle, jazzy version of “Silent Night.”

For a moment, Beverly could forget why she was there.

“This can be uplifting, very soothing,” she said. “I love music.”

It was a January morning, during the worst of this month’s bitter cold. While a heavy snow covered the parking lot, the waiting room at Hematology Oncology Associates in East Syracuse was crowded with cancer patients awaiting chemotherapy.

Among them was Beverly, of Baldwinsville. She sat with her husband Jim: “My rock,” she called him. They have three children and eight grandchildren, and Beverly was thinking of how one of her little grandsons, over the yuletide, turned toward her after she told him she loved…

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