Performances & Hosting Analogy

I write a specific word/analogy quite often in assignment books… “polish”.

This one comes from a single task in the process of making a room beautiful and welcoming.

Below, I have listed only some of the steps commonly necessary when preparing for a recital.

1. Clear Clutter – regular, quiet, distraction free practice session.

2. Vacuum – work on the big overview task… don’t worry about fine tuning the details yet.

3. Dust – tackle your piece section by section, cleaning up the details and things easily missed in the “overview”.

4. Straighten – put everything together, making sure everything is in place, and lovingly presentable.

5. Lights/Candles – set the mood, focusing on beautiful pedaling, expression, dynamics, and tempo.

6. Background Music – perform! Share your music with someone else as often as possible. You become a better performer as a result, and you will have shared your skill and diligent work with others… a lovely gift for everyone involved.

Anything else come to mine? I hope you enjoyed!


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