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January 18, 2015

I am incredibly honored to post the addition of reviews for lessons, to the studio site. Your review and testimonial is an expression of your trust in the studio. Thank you for your support and for the tremendous opportunity and privilege it is for me to guide you or your young musician in this musical learning journey :) I am thankful for you all, and as we head into 2015, I’m excited to witness the great progress and diligent work I anticipate from everyone.

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Kristin takes such pride in working with her students and includes a fun variety of musical games and activities. Her communication is always thorough and complete. Her music studio is comfortable and surrounded with a showing of her commitment to her students. Our family highly recommends Kristin for you and your children!
-Tracey H.

Kristin provides immediate feedback to inquiries. Her level of detail and explanations are warm, inviting, and incredibly professional. We are in the first steps of scheduling an interview; we are looking forward to meeting her to explore possibilities for beginning lessons.
-Trish L.

Kristen is an amazing teacher! She has taught many of my kids and we love her!!
-Melissa R.

My daughter loves it!!
-Lisa F.

Kristin has been my piano teacher for a little over four years now. I absolutely love taking lessons from her. She teaches people of all ages – is as comfortable with youngsters as she is with us “mature adults!” She has a passion for teaching, and it shows. Her credentials are impressive and she, herself, just keeps learning, growing and passing her knowledge on to others. It’s always fascinating to see what she has in store for us – she keeps our lessons fresh, fun and interesting! She takes her job seriously and if we have trouble grasping a concept, she’ll present it differently until the desired result is achieved – she’s just an amazing teacher, that’s all. She has a deep and true love of music in all forms. She’s knowledgeable, organized, thorough in her teaching programs, resourceful, and, frankly, taking piano lessons from Kristin is just plain FUN! I wholeheartedly give Kristin my highest recommendation.
-Emma L.

My 6 year old daughter started taking lessons with Kristin about 6 months ago. I have sat in on some lessons, and am very happy with how Kristin makes learning the piano fun and uses many techniques and games to teach music. Kristin is very patient and has a calm demeanor, which is great for students who may be shy or feel intimidated by learning something new. My daughter is learning how to read music, and can sit down and play simple songs with only a little help from me to get started. I am very pleased with her progress and highly recommend Kristin.
-Margaret M.


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