Don’t Want to Leave!

Today was a wonderful day of lessons.  I’ve been super, duper busy lately & we’ve had a few very difficult challenges in recent weeks.  Yesterday was the first day I’ve felt back to normal and have been able to just relax & enjoy the day.  We celebrated my mom’s birthday.  In addition to attending my church’s service, I decorated & cleaned the house – and got lunch ready.  Sarah made a delicious cake, Jason made the beautifully green salad.  My dad cooked the hamburgers, which my mom had made from scratch.  I made the roast potatoes.  Lucas & Mia were cute as always.  :)  By the way, my niece is starting to smile at me & my nephew gives the most wonderful hugs!  Friday, he wouldn’t let go – just hugged & hugged & hugged.  Made his Auntie Kristin burst into tears.  I’m so grateful for everyone in my family.

On to the highlight student of the day.  Honestly, today was hard to choose – because everyone did so well.  But one in particular was super “highlightable”.  He is my youngest student currently.  We started with two of the Tonic Tutor games (Finger Puppets & Stick People – which was new & he completely understood the concept of stepping up, stepping down, and repeating notes by ear = yay!), reviewed RH & LH, covered some skills from his My First Piano Adventures books, and worked for the first time with note values… using simply animal names to clap/hold the beats… he came up with the most creative words & animals!  :)  We will cover some more of the terms later, but when learning a new language, studies have been shown that we first hear, then understand, then speak, then read, then write.  He has heard, and is learning to understand.  Speaking will come soon, and then reading.  Writing is a skill forever honed – and like the others, forever developed.  No hurry.  Another great accomplishment today was the independence he has found in using fingers alone in an “over the mountain” hand position.  Playing with donuts shapes is super fun!  In the meanwhile, when his sister came in for her lesson next, he adamantly announced “I don’t want to leave!”.  I love lesson days like this!

And a wonderful announcement that brings me pleasure to share.  My mom’s birthday is today (Tuesday)!  :)  I am so super honored to be her daughter.  Mom, I love you EXUBERANTLY much!


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