Student “0428”

Student #0428 (Erin) (year 2012)…

Chord charts, supplemental music, method books, composing, recording, memorizing… she does it all!

She recently began learning to read chord charts.  She is working on 4 worship songs from church at the moment & has at least 6 total in her repertoire.  We started the lesson with several 2-octave scales hands together, working our way through them from the 0#, to 1#, to 2# (in other words, C Major, G Major, D Major) and as we go, the scale assignment gets a little simpler… 2 octaves HS, then 1 octave HT, then 1 octave HS.  She gradually increases the difficulty when the steps become easier.  The scales are pivotal of all music, but are absolutely essential when it comes to learning to read from chord charts.

In addition to the chord charts & scales, we recently discovered she has 21 recital-ready pieces from a supplementary music book & hymn compilation book – and logged them into the repertoire tracker on MTH.  She has recently begun memorizing the songs from her more advanced fun music supplementary piano book – which has been a lot of fun, and she does a fabulous job.  :)  Like with many of my students, she picks out a sticker or two for each of the completed songs in her “extra” books – and discovered her book is almost complete!  We’ve been skipping around picking songs from throughout the book, out of order.

In addition to the above mentioned skills & books, she is working through Faber’s Level 3A Piano Adventures lessonbook, learning a fabulous duet of Heart & Soul, and several other extra pieces – and will soon learn a rendition of Pachelbel’s Canon.  Her practice has steadily become more consistent over time, and the progress & diligence with which she plays is maturing.  I am so proud of her!

She frequently composes pieces & songs, writing them either in Finale or recording them using Garage Band, the full-size midi keyboard, and the Tascam mixer.  She stays busy with piano, but obviously has reached the point in her lessons when music becomes personal, an expression of beauty, and super fun!  :)  I’m excited for many, many more piano lesson sessions with her.

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